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(S)innerScene is proud to present: MothLab from Italy.

Line Up for the night:
… ——-
MAKr [MothLab Recordings/Exposure | NYC]
LUCA BERNABEI [MothLab Recordings | Italy]
visual: Michele Palazzo [MothLab]



MothLab is a production project developed into the electronic music and visual art sceneries, born to expand the different strengths of its co-founder and partners. A collective of Producers, Musicians, DJs, Video Editors, VJs, Sound Engineers and Web Designers decided to collaborate globally between Italy and New York, working on a unique purpose: the mixed-media arts process. For this reason it can be considered an Italian/American sound and visual growth plan.

MothLab means electronic music and event productions, live djsets, live concerts of electronica bands, real time videos, live vjing, compositing and mapping. MothLab is totally indipendent in art direction, audio/visual installations, graphic and visual design, music and video production, post production and promotion.

MothLab Recordings is the soul and the major goal of MothLab’s contemporary project. It is a digital label based primarily on electronica and dance music, spreading an interconnection between the European background of Techno sounds and new creations from the worldwide and American underground music industry.

MothLab Recordings producers are: Luca Bernabei, Onirika, Bryant Autrey, MAKr.
You’ll find MothLab Recordings on Beatport, Junodowload, I-Tunes, djshop.de, Amazon, Musicload.de, djdownload.com, djtunes.com


Luca Bernabei
dj/producer/sound engineer (Italy)

Luca Bernabei is well known as one of the most productive Djs in the centre of Italy. His musical experience starts as a drum player and since the 90’s he begins his experimental path as a Dj in the dance music scenery. In 1992 Luca launches the “Fast Group”, one of the first italian organization teams of raves and parties.
At the same time, from 1994 till 1997, he starts an itinerary among the most important progressive music clubs in Tuscany: Ashram, Paradise, Tendenza, Blue Kaos. In 1995 Luca creates “Music Priority” based in Florence till 2000. MP becomes one of the best rave parties organization group, opening collaborations with european master such as Sound Conspiracy from England, Okupè and Mutoid from France, Livello 57 from Bologna/Italy, MP also joins the Technival Festival. From 2000 to 2003 Luca starts to work with the label “Urbanmantra Records” in Florence, producing the tracks “Techno Respect” and “932 s.l.m.”, he joins the Festivals planned from the label and organizes “Florence Play Techno” and the first “Street Parade” in Florence (2002). Due to the collaboration with UrbanMantra Records, a Swiss web-radio, Basic.ch, starts to broadcast Luca’s live sets.

Luca Bernabei keeps improving his methods researching new technologies, testing new hardwares, softwares, sound equipments, till the year 2004 where he turns his dj-ing from vinyl to one of the most important digital mixing softwares: Traktor (Native Instruments). Tracks, productions, samples and effects take then part into a Luca’s set, developing an extremely accurate, harmonic, quality tech-house/techno performance. Luca Bernabei becomes a minimal techno/tech-house composer, getting Avid Pro-Tools and Ableton Live certifications by “Percorsi Audio” the only Apple, Ableton and Avid certified training center in Italy.

In 2010, together with producers, musicians, Vjs, visual designers and video editors Luca creates MothLab, a contemporary culture project, a combination of electronic music and visual arts. MothLab means events production, live djsets, live concerts of electronica bands, real time videos, live vj-ing, mapping and video editing. MothLab Recordings takes care of the electronic music productions. It is a digital label based primarily on electronica and dance music, spreading an interconnection between the European background of Techno sounds and new creations from the worldwide and American underground music industry.
Luca is a dj, a producer, a party organizer, he brings MothLab on tour mostly in Italy and in the underground clubs in New York, getting an amazing response from the clubbers crowd. Bernabei is also a Dj-ing trainer by “Percorsi Audio”, a MothLab technical partner.
Since 2010 his sets are also broadcasted on Galileo Radio Show on Proton Radio.


MAKr (New York)
Electronica band

MAKr is an improvisational band that combines live instrumentation with electronic technique. Their sound ranges from downtempo dub to danceable club grooves. MAKr draws from an ever expanding list of influences (including Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, NIN, Amon Tobin, DJ Krush, & King Tubby) and the extensive stage experiences of its band members.

Each live set is entirely unique and improvised, allowing their performances to grow organically and take form as they are created. The band’s mantra allows for an open dialogue between musicians to cultivate creativity; as a result, MAKr is able to express a direct reflection of the setting it is in and the audience it is playing to.
Band members take this one step further by using a live looping technique to layer their improvised sounds, allowing for manipulation of multiple instruments (and effects) simultaneously.

The rhythmic foundation of MAKr is built by beat specialist Blake Ferm. He has over 200 solo releases on his Techture label ranging from D&B to ambient and he is the architect of the band’s beats.
Bass & synthesized sounds are created by Edward Zang, who began his stage career playing trombone with various bands before producing electronic music and djing worldwide. He dials in most of his own sounds digitally, but will also incorporate effected trombone into MAKr’s sets. Chris Mariner is the band’s guitar and technology expert. Before joining MAKr, he played with the Radiohead-inspired Spinning Plates.
Chris brings a powerful mixture of forward thinking, theory, and a classical approach to the overall sound. Turntablist Eric Tran is equipped with only vinyl records, the freshest cuts, and his studies of D Styles, Qbert, Craze, and Steak. Originally from Chicago, Eric has mastered the art of collaboration and improvisation through a deep-rooted connection to the music. In 2011 MAKr starts producing for MothLab Recordings.


Michele Palazzo
art director/visual (New York)

Michele Palazzo is an Italian Creative Director with over 15 years experience in Art Direction and UX Design for web sites, intranets, graphical user interfaces and digital brand identities for numerous international brands and companies, he is a photography and video art expert.
He is specialized in Product Branding & Design, Digital Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Web Design, User, Interface Design, Web Usability, Application UI, skills for which he also won several awards like “Best Italian site” for the Italian Web Award, in 2002 and in 2003.
Michele has created design web project for important brand such as:
Barilla, Volvo, Uretek Group, Intesa San Paolo Bank, Beka Films, Unipol, Furla, Meliconi, Last Minute Market, Aer-Tech Lab, Ceccarelli Yacht Design, ESA, ASI, Presidency of Minister Council, Communication Italian Minister Institute, 2NYC.us, just to name a few.
He is also a photographer, his principal subjects are spread into architecture, street style and fashion. Street Photography is the style that represents him the most, especially the New Yorker metropolitan street life, as he has been living in the city since 2010.
His video art is basically focusing on graphics video animations, he is working on a new idea where video projections are interacting with his pictures, a sort of animation movements inside still subjects.
His wide background knowledge of images brought him to improve his visual design, facing brand new vj-ing projection processes, therefore he has started to collaborate with the underground club scene in New York. His next step will be developing the 3D mapping experience.
In 2011 he joins the MothLab Gang.



Melissa Nikita
dj/producer/lyricist (NYC/INTL)

Succeeding in the competitive world of DJing takes hard work, good fortune and talent. New York based DJ, Melissa Nikita displays all of the above attributes and a keen ability to consistently rock the scene. Taking components from all over the musical map, Melissa blends hard tribal rhythms, funky percussion and relentless energy into her own style of techno madness: a style that is gaining her accolades and recognition near and far.

Based in New York City, Melissa has cultivated relationships with some of the hottest producers, DJs and venues on the scene. She plays at one offs all over the world.

Some International Venue as follows: “Lollipop 5 Techno Festival” in Quebec City, Canada; “I LOVE TECHNO” festival at club Sotano in Caracas Venezuela; “Karmasutra” in Medellin Columbia; “Technova” Festival in The Netherlands, Amsterdam; “Dragons Dream 3” Festival in Quebec City, Canada.

Some National Venues include. Club Emerald City in Philadelphia, “Return 2 Paradise” at club Therapy, R.I., Exit, Float, ROXY NYC. Tag-Teamed with DJ’s from Tronic Treatment and NYEX at New York City’s techno hotspot Drinkland, Pacha, Lower Manhattan’s BLVD for the “I Love House Music” party, Trust Techno @ Club Trust, Rockbar, Erie Lounge, AURA of White Plains, and hosted top talent at her residency at Centro-Fly which included DJ Carl Cox. Other DJ’s that Melissa Nikita has worked with are Jonathan Peters who was voted America’s # 1 DJ in 2006 by DJ Times Magazine, Hardcell, Chris Liebing, Kenny Glasgow, British Murder Boys, Christian Smith, DJ Boris, Junior Vasquez, Pulser, Justin Time, DJ Cave, Ferry Corsten, and Bart Skills.

Melissa also makes her mark in the studio, and flexes her ability to be diverse in the music scene. As of October 2007, BIG Management has signed Melissa Nikita as a DJ, Producer and Lyricist. Currently, Melissa is working on her 3rd record which will be releasing 2012. In past years, she played the role of DJ/Producer/featured vocalist and co-founder of Valor Recordings, Melissa assisted in production, not only for her love of Techno, but a whirlwind of other genres. She also assisted in the operations of Sub-Audeo records and acted as lyricist on some tracks; one of which was ranked on the “All-Time” Industrial Chart at # 38 out of 1,596 tracks and topped # 1 on that chart in December of 2004 (www.GarageBand.com).

Summer of 2011 has proven that Melissa Nikita has stamped her style in the business with new residencies – Email DJMelissaNikita@aol.com for information on upcoming dates.


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10PM | Roof Top Access | Drink Specials | Great Vibe

BAR 13
35 E 13th Street (at University PL)





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